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Our line is being sold throughout the USA and online by independant retailers and reps, event planners, and fundraisers. Please let us know if you need to locate a shop or party planner in your area - we'll help!

Interested in starting your own business? Find out about our Home-Based business program. It is a perfect way for you to create a fun business that can be worked around your schedule and lifestyle.

Find just the right Cards, Invitations, Stationery, Notes, Napkins and Personalized books - for any occassion, event or fundraiser!

How to Buy or Sell Our Line
GEORGIA - Atlanta metro area                             PENNSYLVANIA - Pittsburgh metro area
ILLINOIS - Chicago metro area                             NEW YORK - New York City metro area
NORTH CAROLINA -Raleigh area                        OHIO - Cleveland metro area

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It's our very own online "FACTORY."  Choose a Kathi Quinn design, (click the link below)

 log onto our Zazzle Gallery - choose an item or gift - request our design here and we'll notify when you it's "manufactured" and ready to  purchase at Zazzle. 

Mest Up Gallery and Kathi Quinn Ink online sales of  Cards, T-Shirts, Pillows, Tote-bags, Cards, Stickers and more! 

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