Whether you are sending invitations or just gifting your friends, I think you'll enjoy my exciting range of designs. Especially since you can personalize our artful stationery, invitations or notecards! My favorite feature is that you can select a design and we can custom color it for you!  

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Why Personalize?
If you or a family member or friend have less than traditionally spelled names - you'll understand!  Are you a Cathy, Cathie, Kathee, Kathy or Kathi....or a Cheri or Sherry, or even Chris or Kris, or Crystal, Cristle and Krystle?  Franki, Frankie, Franky or Frankee? 
Don't forget Sara and Sarah, or Megan, Meagan, 
Meghan and what about Chase or Chace and Chaz or Chas, Jamie, Jaymee, Jami?  

Now you can gift your friends and family with their names on fabulous & fun stationery.  Everyone loves personalized gifts!

NEW! Home Party Club Sales! 
Get started with your own low-investment business that allows you to have fun, selling semi-customized Kathi Quinn !nk Products. Work your own hours selling products you love. Please see our contact page and drop us a line. 

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